Tuesday 27 December 2011

Ms Marmitelover's beautiful Boxing Day brunch

I was lucky enough to get a space at Ms Marmitelover's Scandi-inspired Boxing Day brunch yesterday.

She is my new favourite person.  She loves the things I love (Nora Ephron, Charles Bukowski, food,) and I am nothing if not a narcissist.  But she is also a fantastic cook:
Knows how to make the perfect potato salad with divine home made mayo, dill and red onions:
And how to make eggs look spectacular:
That premium yellow caviar is from Kalix in Northern Sweden; Ms. Marmitelover can tell you more about it here.
How to make beautiful creme fraiche and sour cherry ice cream, in home-made crispy cardamom cones

How to make berries look pretty:
And bake lovely spicy gingerbread biscuits in festive form:
And these pussy-cat inspired Swedish rolls.  How cool are they?
But more importantly, along with being super-talented in the kitchen and a fantastically hospitable host, she is totally sharp and hilarious and entertaining.

Thanks also to her delightful assistants, the very talented blogger Bellaphon, and Ms Maritelover's lovely and very smart daughter, The Teen.

Ms Marmitelover's brilliant book, Supper Club, is on every Top Ten list of the year.  Buy it for yourself as your post-Christmas perk-up, and make a New Year's resolution to go to one of her events in 2012.

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