Saturday, 24 September 2011

Paris - good taste, good taste, bad.

La Grande Epicerie in Le Bon Marche, makes me want to move to Paris.  That, Pierre Herme's praline millefuille, and a million other reasons.

I think it might be my favourite food hall.  Dean and Deluca in New York is great but always too crowded at the front.  Eataly is spaghetti Disneyland, but you could lose your mind in there.  Harrods is full of people who shop at Harrods.  Besides, I've never seen a purple eclair at any of the aforementioned: jolie, or what? 
This cake looked a little Blue Peter, but I admired the lack of restraint nonetheless:
But really it's the produce that dazzles:
The produce and the wall of butter.
You know I'm partial to a little too much butter

Other things Paris does with some style - flowers:
Staircase up to the gazebo in the new Mandarin Oriental hotel
Jardin du Luxembourg
But strangely not handbags.
I have a lot of time for ironic cats, truly I do.  Nonetheless this monstrosity is a bridge too far / too fur.  (Can I get away with that pun?)  And it costs over 750 euros. 

Makes sense when I tell you that it comes from Colette.  I've said everything that needs to be said about Colette in Pear-shaped.  Emperors-new-clothes, except the emperor couldn't afford them.

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