Saturday, 19 November 2011

Happy Saturday

First on the ice at Somerset House (skating like a drunken newborn foal.)
Pretty-pretty Tiffany Christmas tree and matching cupcake:
And champagne tea at No 1 Aldwych, with free refills on sandwiches (chicken & mustard mayo, egg mayo & cucumber, smoked salmon & cream cheese, plus mini Welsh rarebit.) 
There's nothing I like more in life than free sandwich refills.

Except perhaps warm scones with clotted cream and berry jam, served with a perfect mini apple and almond trifle on the side, like a custard-y chaser.
Or even a trio of cakes:
A trio of cakes: the only thing better than a trio of cakes would be a trio of Trios.  I miss Trios.

And the icing on the cake/s?  All of the above was hosted by a man of such charm and good humour that he was willing to balance Battenburg cake in his ears, like a demented Princess Leia, just to make me and my friend laugh.

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