Saturday, 21 January 2012

Ottolenghi, the morning after...

The only way for me to stave off a downer after the high of my book launch was to start the next day as I mean to go on: eating well.

I've spoken before of my obsession with Ottolenghi Upper Street.  I've even put a little love letter to the place in the appendix of Pear-shaped.  It's all about their perfect execution of the savoury
And the sweet.
 So even though it was raining and grey and miserable on Wednesday morning, I woke up with one of my best mates, Jenny, who'd come down from Norfolk for the party, with a mug created in my honour!
We trolled off to Ottos to meet my sister, my best friend and her other half, who'd come from Sheffield, and ate our way through half of this:
I gave a copy of my book to the guys there, and in return they very generously gave me a box of their cakes, which included one of my favourites...
 and an exceptionally pretty bag of mini-meringue treats!
Best swap evah.... 

And even though I then had to go and wash up 210 glasses from the party, when I'd done that I popped in to see my parents and remembered I'd given them some St John custard donuts from the party as a going-home present...
and they hadn't yet eaten the lot... which is just as well, as that's my job.

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