Monday, 14 May 2012

Er, like where is the spring?

What exactly is a person supposed to do in this weather, other than eat?  All I'm doing is trying to keep warm.

Had this super light, airy strawberry souffle at Galvin on Baker Street:

So light I needed another pudding to ground me, in the form of this 'chocolate pallet'.  Honestly, this resembles something I'd serve if it had fallen on the floor first - sort of smudged along the plate in a deliberate attempt to look artistic but fooling no-one.  Delicious nonetheless.

Have also been eating these tasty, crispy little balls - smoked bacon and pea arancini with a chilli sauce, at the ever-great Alford Arms.

Followed by a lush chocolate tart with amaretto crumb - perfect combo of dense mousse texture with crunchy crumb base and sides.

And then this, tonight - a killer home made sausage sandwich.

The perfect antidote to such a freezing cold Monday in May.  Fresh out of the oven ciabatta, smothered in butter, with a layer of caramelised onions, mustard, awesome quality sausages, ketchup and mayo - all of the condiments, all of the time.  I'd forgotten how perfect and beautiful a sausage sandwich could be.  Happy Monday.

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